Our Purpose

Our Heart Greeting is a network of supporters and friends who live beyond the disease of Multiple Sclerosis(MS).

We provide an arena for ability; our purpose is to enable, celebrate, and encourage one another freely through greetings and gifts created with Heart.


Our Actions

OHG friends create and collect greetings. Greetings are cards or small gifts, most often handcrafted.

The OHG Team will wrap these precious items with special care, and then deliver them all around the world to groups or individuals whose merit has earned them nomination.

OHG is a giving group. We accept donations and nominations from supporters (donators), and then we prepare and deliver OHG greetings to nominees (receivers).


Donators may only donate,

Nominators only nominate, and

Receivers only receive.



Receivers never learn who nominated them. They receive the uniquely selected OHG greeting freely.


Donations may be greeting cards of various sizes and themes, or small gifts.

Whether greeting cards are store bought or handcrafted, they are ALL expressions of the heart given freely.

Ideas for small gifts to send with the greeting cards, are endless! From bookmarkers to kitchen linens, popcorn, bath salts, page turners, bottle openers, slippers, waist aprons, fridge magnets, calling cards, gift cards, socks, postcards, easy grip utensils, seeds to plant in spring, or tea to steep right now; whatever friends donate, we will deliver freely from Our Heart Greeting.

If you receive an OHG greeting, you have been nominated by friends who encourage you, celebrate your success, wish you peace, thank you, wish you a speedy recovery, send sympathy, or raise you in prayer. The expressions are unlimited, and free.

How to be a friend of OHG:

OHG Thanks YOU!

There are no fees. You are free to give and free to receive.

There are no names to thank, or people to owe.

You are free to draw, color, build, sew, buy, write, or play your donations. You are free to shout from the mountain tops that a friend is an inspiration, or whisper in an ear that a friend is missed. You are free to thank a caregiver, celebrate a birthday, or wish the research team at the university a great day.

Maybe you will discover a small package in your mail ~ it smells like pine needles, it has a little bump in it, the return address shows a small purple heart…. it’s from Our Heart Greeting…ah...

Here comes the grin!