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MS Awareness Gallary useful products with MS whimsy
created by AniaArt
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Day by Day: The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter Elizabeth Thompson's hearing loss was detected when she was in elementary school, and her hearing continued to deteriorate until she became completely deaf... as an adult, she learned that she had contracted multiple sclerosis (MS).
Despite these hurdles, Liz always expressed her determination to enjoy the best life had to offer.
LaBella Baskets
Independent Consultant

Sunbeam MS Awareness and Photography products
Cimm's Place
creative personalized products

MSThings Awareness Jewelry created by
a friend who lives with MS
BuZZ members provided art
for these MS Awareness TShirts

Susan at Zazzle
Susan is a photographer who lives with MS. After a few minutes at her site, you feel like you've visited a spa!
Her Zazzle line is unique and creative!
Sarah Wolf Cartoons
an artist who concentrates on watercolor

Marie Florence Zazzle personalized products
MS Hope at Zazzle Gayle has built a line of awareness items, and a network for awareness that inspires!
Keep up the great work, Gayle!
Nina Palumbo,
Artist and MS Activist
MS Awareness Video at YouTube
Created by SilverLining
Members of the BuZZ are part of this video, which is a montage of photos of people who live with MS.
ActiveMSers is a not-for-profit website designed to help those with multiple sclerosis stay as active as possible用hysically, intellectually, and socially羊egardless of your physical limitations. The website (www.activemsers.org) includes reviews and tests of gear, advice on exercise and travel, tips and tricks on living with MS, and an active forum/blog to help others with MS connect.
Can Do
Notes from the author:
My journey began several years ago when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis...
I wanted to share this journey, the fears, the thoughts, my life through poetry, hoping to give others positive energy ‾ to fight, to live, to find themselves and live their life peacefully. Together we can fight a bigger battle. Please join me in my fight against this devastating disease as well as other life experiences and challenges. A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to research to fight MS. Thank You. Holly Stanbrough RN BSN FN
MS Views & Related News A site created to help the MS community. A place where information and knowledge are exchanged for the benefit of persons with MS and their families. Be Empowered with MS information by visiting the site resources links and Video Library. Now added to the weblinks section site resources, you will find MS information available in (11) different languages.